Super Funky Radio Show Ep. Sweet 16_Slow Jam Mix

      Super Fumky Slow Jam Mix-Episode Sweet 16_09_02_2018

Super Funky Radio Show Sweet 16 Slow Jam Mix:

Bootsy Collins… Sacred Flower,  I’d Rather Be With You, What’s A Telephone Bill

Brides Of Funkenstein… Vanish In Our Sleep (Live), Just Like You, Didn’t Mean To Falll In Love

Funkadelic…Never Gonna Tell It, The Song Is Familiar, I’ll Stay

Al Green… I’m So Tired Of Being Alone, How Can You Mend (A Broken Heart)

Fuzzy Haskins… Silent Day

Eddie Hazel…California Dreaming

Parlet… Mr. Melody Man

Sly Stone…If You Want Me To Stay

Earth Wind & Fire… Where Have All The Flowers Gone

Chamber Brothers… People Get Ready

Janis Joplin… Maybe

LaBelle… You Turn Me On

5 Stair Steps… OOO Child

Chi-Lites… Have You Seen Her

Sam Cooke… A Change Is Gonna Come

Lionel Richie and Diana Ross…Endless Love




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